• Brian Reine Is Omni Pinnacle's CEO Today

  • Posted on June 05, 2015
  • Brian Reine is an entrepreneur and businessman who has been able to commit himself to excellence in all of his pursuits. He has a wealth of experience in the construction management industry. He is a professional who has grown up in the field because of his family's involvement in the field. Brian Reine has decades worth of experience in the field, working on various projects and ventures.

    Brian Reine worked in his father's firm from a young age, which meant that by the time he had graduated from college, he had already received the equivalent of a Master's degree in construction management education. His education was hands-on, though, rather than classroom-oriented. However, he still chose to attend school, enrolling at Louisiana State University. He graduated from LSU with a Bachelor degree in, you guessed it, construction management.

    Brian Reine's interest in construction management eventually led to a want to get involved with disaster management and recovery services. This was a natural industry for him to get involved in, as his skills in construction management benefited him there. Brian Reine is today the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Omni Pinnacle, a company that specializes in disaster management and recovery services.

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